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Envasador al Vacío KitchenAid KVXXX 14600 Inox

KVXXX 14600

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    The new 7 litres vacuum machine features an intuitive LED control panel with an LCD display that simplifies vacuum packing. With 7 dedicated vacuuming chef cycles performances and versatility have never been so high. Just choose between "Sauce&Liquid", "Maturation" (in pouches or boxes) "Marinade" (in pouches or boxes), "Infusion" and Mussels cleansing and achieve the perfect vacuuming result. By ensuring a high vacuum (between 2 and 10 mbar), thanks to Pro Vacuum and the Double Sealing System, this machine creates the ideal conditions to guarantee the longer-lasting freshness demanded by a real professional chef. Maximum flexibility: you can choose among three different vacuuming levels and two different containers. Just press “Bag Cycle” to create a vacuum in the special KitchenAid pouches, or “Container Cycle” when using containers.

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