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Calientaplatos KitchenAid KWXXX 14600 Inox 14cm

KWXXX 14600

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    14 cm Warming Drawers built-in

    Keeping your culinary creations at the perfect temperature

    Having put so much passion into your dinner-party creations, it makes sense that they should be served at the perfect temperature, just like in the finest restaurants.


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    Plate and food warming

    KitchenAid warming drawers ensure that your food is always served on hot places. They are also invaluable for keeping food at just the right temperature while you're busy perfecting a sauce, garnishing your dishes, or simply entartaining your guests.

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    Available in two sizes, KitchenAid warming drawers can hold up to 12 plates and keep your dishes at a maximum temperature of 85°C until you are ready to serve.

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