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Horno Twelix Artisan Pirolítico KitchenAid KOASPB 60600 Negro - Inox

KOASPB 60600

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    Combining-premium-colour-with-premier-features (1)

    Combining premium colour with premier features

    The Twelix Artisan Oven, dressed with elegance, gives you three different cooking options in just one appliance: pure steam, steam assisted, and convection. Thanks to the pure steam feature you can enjoy mouth-watering vegetables and even seafood cooked in a natural, healthy way.

    This technology optimises airflow and heat distribution within the oven, reducing pre-heating and cooking times and guaranteeing that the air circulates uniformly and that your dishes are properly and evenly cooked. Cooking with the Twelix Artisan Oven will be a piece of cake, as will cleaning it: the Pyrolytic function saves both time and effort.

    Artisan-Steam-function (1)

    Artisan Steam function

    It guarantees the healthy, light cuisine you have always dreamed of, preserving the vitamins, minerals and aromas of your favourite foods.

    Choose the Pure Steam function, then place your ingredients in the specially designed steam pan. The steam slowly works its way evenly through the food, cooking everything at less than 100°C.

    With the five pre-programmed Steam Assisted functions, the oven combines convection and steam cooking. Once you have selected your function, the oven automatically sets the correct temperature and the amount of steam needed while cooking. 

    center (2)

    Pro Bakery

    Traditional Bread Malt Bread Thick Crust Pizza Thin Crust Pizza Quiche / Savoury Flan Baguette Choux Pastry

    right (2)

    Pro Pastry

    Choux Patry Croissant Sponge Cake Plum Cake Shortcrust Pastry

    Special Functions

    Low temperature, high precision

    left (2)

    Special preparations

    This oven can also help with special preparations requiring lower temperatures, such as slow cooking, drying fruit and vegetables and making yoghurt.

    Twelix-Base function

    Twelix-Base function

    This function heats the lower ring heating element to give you beautifully baked pastries and pizzas and even delicacies cooked en cocotte. It ensures a perfectly baked base every time!


    left (6)

    Multilevel cooking

    You can place dishes on three different levels for evenly cooked food that is perfectly golden brown.

    center (3)

    Tewlix-Grill function

    You can activate the lower ring heating element as well as the grill. Your food will be perfectly cooked and grilled on both trays at the same time.

    right (4)

    Pyrolytic function

    Save time and effort with the pyrolytic cleaning function. The inside of the oven locks itself and heats up to 500°C, converting food residue to ash, which you simply wipe away when it cools.

    Turbot and salmon roll, with Vietnamese spring roll and tamarind quinoa cocotte

    Unleash-your-creativity-with-further-recipes (1)

    Unleash your creativity with further recipes


    Get more tips and tricks about the Twelix Artisan Oven!

    Black-Steel-Collection (1)

    Black Steel Collection

    The Twelix Arisan Oven is also one of the appliances in the new KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel collection: pure black stainless steel, brushed for a unique, warm, elegant and stylish look.

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