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Horno microondas de encastre KitchenAid KMQCX 38600 Inox 38cm

KMQCX 38600

4 accesorio incluido
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    What's in the box?

    4 included accessory

    Smart microwave cooking

    Combi Midi Microwave Oven Built-in

    This microwave oven is designed to meet the very highest technological standards and indulge the most sophisticated culinary ideas.The state-of-the-art 3D microwave system guarantees perfect, even and fast cooking, while the exclusive Crisp Technology helps you to cut cooking times.


    3D System

    KitchenAid uses an advanced and patented microwave distribution system that combines dual microwave emission with reflection. The complex microwave pattern saturates the cavity with microwave energy to fill the entire oven including the corners. The result is perfect, even and fast cooking every time.


    Crisp Technology

    The exclusive Crisp Technology enables you to cook just like in a conventional oven or on a hob but 75% quicker thanks to the combination of three heating sources: microwaves, the special patented Crisp plate and the oven grill. Tasty treats like focaccia, shrimps and even French fries are always crisp and perfectly cooked.


    Grill Function

    The fast, even cooking ensured by the grill function means you can bake wonderfully golden brown sweet and savoury pies.

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